WV Spay Neuter Assistance Program is on its way!

FOHO reports that the 1st meeting of the WV Spay Neuter Advisor Committee was held on August 29th. Of importance for those interested in applying for grants, the date for grant application being online is October 1st.   The committee is working on the online grant application with ranking capability to ensure objectivity. The money for the funding to be collected by Dec. 31st.   The grants will be allocated Jan. 3 or so for the previous year.   The Dept. of Ag is committed to this as reported to us by FOHO WV. They are taking this responsibility very seriously and are excited to get this program going to help control the pet overpopulation in WV.

WV Spay Neuter Advisor Committee members have been appointed by Commissioner Leonhardt. All members serve on the committee through June 30, 2018 and can be reappointed.  Members of the committee include Theresa Bruner , Randolph and Sylvia Shafer, Kanawha from FOHO WV, Darlene Bolyard, Preston, animal rescue and farmer, Amy Maloney, Monroe, animal rescue, Margie Minch, Monongalia, WVU Veterinarian, Diane Modisette, Wood, former animal control officer and Ginny Dinsmore, Monongalia, pet food supplier. Norm Bailey, Chief of Staff to Commissioner Leonhardt, Andrew Yost, Curtis Green and Jennifer Keaton were in attendance from the WV Dept. of Ag.

Next meeting is Sept. 18th.