Other Resources:

If you want to find a clinic in your area in West Virginia, go to and search there.  They have an exhaustive list that there is no reason to repeat here.  They have already done an excellent job which can not be duplicated.   877-772-9981 (SPAYWV1)   This program is affiliated with Help for Animals in Barboursville, WV.
SNAP WV is pleased to have the support of the Mountaineer Spay Neuter Assistance Program (M-SNAP) in supporting the funding of the WV Spay Neuter State Fund.   As of Aug 31, 2015 M-SNAP has paid for nearly 5,000 surgeries for a cost of more than $440,000! Visit their webpage (www.m-snap). Plus both M-SNAP and ReTails also have FB pages. ReTails is a thrift store at the Morgantown Mall which helps support S/N costs.


The Mountaineer Spay Neuter Assistance Program (M-SNAP) has loaned a wonderful radio ad to be used to obtain funding for the WV Spay Neuter Assistance Program and a terrific graphic that we are using now.

Thank you M-SNAP for all you have done in your area and are now willing to continue to do to reduce WV pet overpopulation through funding the WV State Spay/Neuter Program.

WV Dept of Agriculture