Maryland is doing it right. So will WV!

Maryland uses the Pet Food Surcharge which passed in 2013 to fund their spay neuter program.  The first year they had $388,000 for grants.  In 2014, that rose to $600,000 which they used for community cat spay neuter.  They are using a graduated scale with increasing the fee to finally get to about a million dollars.  WV was asking for the same exact fee to increase in WV by $100 on the Pet Food brands registered with the WV Dept. of Ag.  We have 9,000 brands thus $900,000 every year for spay neuter in WV.   WV’s funding did come through in 2017 but it was cut in half.  While disappointed in that, we will move forward making this program very successful

MD used their 2nd round of money from their Dept. of Agriculture State Spay Neuter Fund to spay and neuter cats offering out $600,000 in grants to 19 groups around the state specifically to be use for cat control! This could be VERY popular with everyone in West Virginia. We have such a cat problem.…/maryland-awards-600k-to-spayneuter-cats/…/Nearly-600K-in-grants-announced-for-Maryland-Spay-and-Neuter-Grant-Program/36347496