About SNAP of West Virginia

First, we are not the State operated WV Spay Neuter Assistance Program Fund which is established at the WV Dept. of Agriculture.  We are a different group.

Our group sounds very similar but we were here first.  Our Spay Neuter Assistance Program of West Virginia, Incorporated (SNAP/WV) is a 501C3.   SNAP/WV was established in 2002 to help stop the dog and cat overpopulation in the state and seeks to accomplish this goal by educating and seeking funds for spay / neuter services to citizens of West Virginia.  SNAP WV is closely linked to the Federation of Humane Organizations of West Virginia.  FOHO WV has worked tirelessly to get the State WVSNAP program funded.  Success occurred in 2017 with the funding of the State WV SNAP program.    The program is in its first year of operation with more than 60 applicants for the grant, 36 of which so far have been awarded.

A very important part of the goal of  SNAP/WV is to collect statistics about the overpopulation problem in our state and to educate on the need for spay neuter services throughout the state.   These statistics and the other information we obtain will be used to educate the public and continue state funding for spay and neuter of WV pets and community cats.

We were excited that finally in 2013, the WV State Spay Neuter Assistance Program was established through the WV State Legislature at the WV Dept. of Agriculture.  Our group worked closely with FOHO WV and the WV Dept. of Ag. to fund the new program.  Again, do not confuse us with the new program at the WV Dept. of Ag.  We are not them.  We were organized in 2002 long before the actual fund was established in 2013.  Our concern was funding the program to assist the many of West Virginians that need it.